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THE Liposuction Expert of New England”

Welcome from Dave E. David, M.D.

As you browse through our website, I want to welcome you to the exciting specific area of Cosmetic Surgery that is my field of expertise and specialization.

We all know that it’s impossible for anyone in any area of life to be GREAT at everything. That’s certainly true for Cosmetic Surgery, too.

Although I’ve been performing surgery (including major surgeries) for over 35 years, for several years now, rather than trying to be all things to all people, and the best at EVERY type of cosmetic surgery (which we all know is impossible to do) I’ve devoted ALL of my surgical time to performing one procedure:

Minimally invasive modern day LIPOSUCTION.

This is basically the only surgery that I perform….day in and day out.

Although I began performing liposuction 25 years ago, the type of lipo performed in those days was risky, painful and required quite a bit of recovery. The modern day lipo that has become my specialty, is called VASER lipo and is light years ahead of what we used to do. VASER  is the least invasive, safest and most effective type of lipo available today, using local anesthesia, small instruments and a gentle technique, which produces amazing results. Back in the 1980’s when I first joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Liposuction Surgery Society, I had the opportunity to study ONE on ONE with the two pioneers of liposuction in Paris and Rome. I then had the opportunity to work very closely with my mentor and close friend, a famed Newport Beach, California Cosmetic Surgeon who has treated countless celebrities and has continued to be the most well respected Cosmetic Surgeon in Southern California.

Having been one of the pioneers of VASER lipo here in New England, I take great pride in offering my patients the best of care and along with my warm and caring staff, delivering the most personalized attention that a patient can receive. A large number of my patients come to me for Corrective Liposuction, after having unsatisfactory results for liposuction that they have undergone elsewhere.  A large part of my practice also consists of men wanting to reduce fat in the chest area, with or without gynecomastia or “man boobs“, as my patients call it.

For those people who want a completely NON-invasive procedure, and who have less fat to shed, we also perform the FDA cleared Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, which our patients are also very thrilled with. This nearly painless procedure is very easy, takes only an hour and you can even exercise the very same day.

Since body sculpting alone cannot perform miracles for patients who are significantly overweight, I also like to work with my patients to help them lose their weight, in addition to the body sculpting that I perform on them. My nationally available weight loss program “The Real Secrets To A Slimmer You…..What You DON’T Know” is made available free of charge to all of our body sculpting patients.

For my patients who want to look younger and turn back the clock again, my specialty in the area of  facial rejuvenation is entirely non-surgical.  I specialize in the use of facial fillers (Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse) and the use of Botox and Dysport, to make them look younger in minutes, WITHOUT surgery. I think “less” is “more”. You don’t have to look fake or phony after leaving my office…and you won’t! Your friends will think you look great, but won’t know why.

My complete skin care System, Alluring Skin is acclaimed nationwide with loyal customers of my skincare system ranging from ages 18-94. Because I want to keep my patients looking youthful for years to come, all of my patients undergoing any facial rejuvenation or body sculpting here, receive a gift from us of one of my Alluring Skin products.

If you have any questions regarding any of our procedures that are not answered here on our website, please call us at 1-866-DR YOUTH

Let’s get you looking terrific!!!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Dr. Dave



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